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Social media marketing involves using social platforms as channels to promote brands, grow targeted audiences, generate site traffic, and boost sales. According to author Gary Vaynerchuk, the key to success in social media marketing is not about pushing a ton of content – it is about pushing out content specifically tailored for your target audience, and using the right platforms to do it. Using social media for marketing does not just increase website traffic and help businesses reach more customers; it provides a valuable place for better understanding and learning from your target audience.

A consistent brand image: Using social media in marketing allows your company to project a consistent brand image on various social media platforms. When using social media for marketing, businesses can enable customers and web users to publish user-generated content (e.g., online comments, product reviews, etc. Through social media marketing, you would then be able to display content about your brand to those customers, reminding them of the ways in which they needed/wanted your products, which would then remind them about the needs/wants for your products once they saw that advertisement.

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Reminding could be done with proper social media marketing strategies and content marketing campaigns, which will stamp your brand’s name onto everyone using whatever social media networks you decide to use. Considering there are billions of people using social media today, it is easy to understand why so many businesses and marketers are using this channel to promote their products and interact with customers. Social media can be used as much as a PR tool and a direct marketing medium, as well as a communications channel that targets a highly targeted audience, with social media influencers and social media personalities serving as an effective customer engagement tool.

Businesses are increasingly using their social media strategies as part of traditional marketing efforts using magazines, newspapers, radio ads, and TV ads. Buffer is also using Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, and other social media advertising to boost brand awareness and engagement across their respective social media platforms. There are tools that can help with managing social media marketing on volume, but using native advertising features for starters is sufficient for pushing out posts, collecting leads, and making sure messages reach the right audiences.

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